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The Soviet Tankmen's Song is a popular Russian song, the final variant of which was popularized by the Soviet 1968 film Na Voine kak na Voine,[1] about the crew of an SU-85 self-propelled gun. The song has no official title and is referred to by its first line: Po Polyu Tanki Grokhotali ("Across the Field Tanks Thundered"). The song melody originated from the old Russian miners song "Sirens sounded alarm" ("Гудки тревожно прогудели"), popularized in the 1940 film "Big life". The lyrics of the song were replaced during World War II.[2]

Lyrics sampleEdit

English translation by Daniil Vorobyev

The tanks were rattling like a thunder
The soldiers went to their last fight
And here they carried young commander
With head all broken outright

An armor-piercer hit his vehicle,
So say good-bye to his Guards crew.
Just four more corpses in the hillside
Will add to fair morning view.

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  1. Note: The title of the film is a Russian saying, which is a calque from French A la guerre comme a la guerre, which is commonly rendered in English as "All's fair in love and war". However literally it means "In the war like in the war" or "A war is a war"
  2. "Гудки тревожно загудели". Retrieved 2009-01-27. 

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