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Springfield Model 1875
Type Breech-loading rifle
Place of origin Flag of the United States (1867–1877).svg United States
Service history
Used by United States Army
Production history
Designed 1875
Manufacturer Springfield Armory
Cartridge .45-70-405
Action Hinged breechblock
Rate of fire Approx. 10 rounds a minute
Muzzle velocity 1,350 feet per second (410 m/s)

The Springfield Model 1875 Officer's Rifle was a variant of the Springfield Model 1873. It was checkered fore and aft of the breech and tipped with white metal. It was fitted with a "globe and pinhead" foresight and a "buckhorn" backsight on the barrel. It also featured a well-made peep sight fitted on the small of the stock, which was graduated for ranges from 50 to 1,100 yards. The rifle had a trigger which could be set to use as a hair trigger. A wooden cleaning rod was fitted under the barrel, and was referred to as a "ramrod" in the rifle's documentation.[1]

The rifle originally sold for $36.00.

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