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Springfield National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located in the city of Springfield, in Greene County, Missouri. It encompasses 18.1 acres (7.3 ha), and as of the end of 2005, had 14,685 interments.


Established in 1867 as a place to inter only Civil War Confederate {This article should say that it was started for only UNION soldiers, not Confederate soldiers.} soldiers, many of whom died at the Battle of Wilson's Creek. It has since been expanded and opened to all veterans. Springfield National Cemetery now has the interred remains of soldiers from wars dating back to the Revolutionary War. The cemetery lends its name to National Avenue in Springfield, which formerly passed by the cemetery prior to the southern expansion of the city decades ago.

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  • Buffalo Soldiers
    • James McBroom
    • Arthur Wilburn
    • Johnnie L. Burston
    • Ed G. Rickman
    • Pryor Sharp

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