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The Squadron A Armory is a former United States Army armory and the homebase of Squadron A. It took up the whole block between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue, between 94th and 95th Street. It was therefore also known as the Madison Avenue Armory. A surviving part of the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Madison Avenue Facade of the Squadron A Armory and is a New York City landmark.

The building was built in 1895 by a New York City contractor named John F. Johnson.[1] It was constructed with red bricks, featuring massive walls with towers. It was partially demolished in the 1960s, and the eastern and central part of the site are now used by Hunter College High School and Elementary School as their main campus. The outline of some of the former walls are lined with trees. The Madison Avenue facade was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.[2]

Squadron A Armory 003

"Boutez en avant!" stone plaque

Squadron A east steps jeh

Eastern (interior) side of facade

A stone plaque with the squadron's cry "Boutez en avant!", translated variously as "Press forward!" or simply "Charge!", is located on the wall at Madison Avenue.

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