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The Sri Lanka Air Force Museum (SLAF Museum) is the museum of the Sri Lanka Air Force, and its predecessor, the Royal Ceylon Air Force. Open to the public, the museum is at the SLAF Ratmalana and is maintained by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

The brainchild of Air Chief Marshal Harry Goonatilake, former Commander of the Air Force, the museum exhibits, amongst other things, former aircraft and equipment of the SLAF and the RCyAF. Notable items include the medals and sword of Air Vice Marshal E. R. Amarasekara, the first Ceylonese Commander of the Air Force. The museum also has remnants of Japanese aircraft shot down over Ceylon during World War 2 and artifacts from the LTTE aircraft shutdown during the Suicide Air Raid on Colombo. An Austin Fire Fighting Vehicle and a Shorland armoured car used by the Sri Lanka Air Force is exhibited as well.


Aircraft that have been preserved by the SLAF. A few of these fly but most are held by SLAF Museum.

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