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Qalet Marku Tower

St Marks Tower or Qalet Marku

Coordinates: 35°56′47″N 14°27′11″E / 35.94639°N 14.45306°E / 35.94639; 14.45306

St. Mark's Tower or Qalet Marku is a fortification on the island of Malta built by the Knights of Malta. It is a small watchtower that stands on Qrejten Point on the north shore of Malta. St. Mark's Tower has sight of Għallis Tower to the west, and Madliena tower to the east. The tower still stands and appears to be in reasonable condition.

It was one of the thirteen de Redin towers constructed during the reign of Grand Master Martin de Redin.

Malta Ghallis four

Għallis Tower with St Mark's tower and Madliena tower in the far distance

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