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St George's Barracks
Recruiting Sergeants.jpg
Recruiting Sergeants from St George's Barracks
Type Barracks
Coordinates Latitude:
Built 1826
In use 1826–1911
War Office
St George's Barracks was a military installation in Orange Street, behind the National Gallery, in London.


The barracks, which were designed by John Nash and built as the main recruiting depot for the London area,[1] were completed in 1826.[2] Recruiting sergeants for the regiments based at the barracks tended to operate within a tight area defined by St. George's Barracks, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey.[3] The barracks, which were also used as facilities to accommodate regiments of foot guards,[4] were retained into the 20th century because of the need for troops to be at hand to quell disturbances in Trafalgar Square.[5] They were ultimately demolished in 1911[6] and the site is now occupied by the National Portrait Gallery.[7]



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