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St George's Barracks
Sutton Coldfield
Type Barracks
Coordinates Latitude: 52.56916
Longitude: -1.79742
Built 1960
In use 1960–c.2000
Ministry of Defence

St George's Barracks, Sutton Coldfield was a military installation in Sutton Coldfield.


Originally built in 1942 as the home of 216 Maintenance Unit RAF,[1] the site was renamed St George's Barracks and became the regional centre for infantry training as the Fusilier Brigade Depot in 1960.[2] The barracks went on to be the army personnel selection centre for England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 1972.[3] The Army personnel selection centre closed in early summer 1994 and most of the land was later sold off for housing.[4] The Defence Infrastructure Organisation still remains in offices at St George's House.[5]


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