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Stanisław Brzeski
Born (1918-04-21)21 April 1918
Died December 3, 1972(1972-12-03)
Place of birth Lipnik, Austria-Hungary
(present-day Poland)
Place of death Norwich


 United Kingdom

 Polish Air Force

 Royal Air Force
Years of service 1932-
Rank major
Unit No. 307 Polish Fighter Squadron
No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron
No. 317 Polish Fighter Squadron
No. 302 Polish Fighter Squadron
Battles/wars Polish Defensive War, World War II
Awards Virtuti Militari; Polonia Restituta; Cross of Valour; Distinguished Flying Cross (UK)

Stanisław Brzeski (1918-1972) DFC** was a Polish fighter ace of the Polish Air Force in World War II with 8 confirmed kills and one shared.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Stanisław Brzeski was born in Lipnik near Staszów in 1918. In 1932 he entered the Non-Commissioned Officer's School for minors in Nisko. Then he served in the 77th Infantry Regiment. In 1936 he was transferred to the Polish Air Force. Initially he became a glider pilot, then he was trained as a fighter pilot.

At the outbreak of war, Brzeski served in the Modlin Army. On the 3 September 1939 he destroyed a German Observation balloon. The next day he escorted bombers PZL.23 Karaś, his plane was hit and damaged by flak, Brzeski was forced to land, but the same day he came back to his unit. On 9 September he damaged a plane near Lublin. On the night of 18/19 September he crossed the border with Romania, then on 19 November he came to France via Yugoslavia. He was assigned to a new unit only on 18 May 1940. Due to the difficult situation in France Brzeski was evacuated to the UK.

Initially he was assigned to No. 307 Polish Night Fighter Squadron, but on 14 October he was transferred to No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron where he began training on Hurricane. On 10 February 1941 he downed a Messerschmitt Bf 109 over Dunkirk. On 25 February he was moved to No. 317 Polish Fighter Squadron. Since 23 April 1943 he served in No. 302 Polish Fighter Squadron and on 28 December he came back to No. 303 squadron.

On 21 May 1945 he was hit by flak over Abbeville, Brzeski slightly wounded, managed to land. After four hours he was captured by Germans and sent to Stalag Luft III. In January 1945 he was deported to the west. After the liberation he came back to England and served in RAF as instructor and flight controller.

Stanisław Brzeski died on 3 December 1972 in Norwich and was buried in the cemetery of Dereham.

Aerial victory credits[edit | edit source]

  • He-111 - 9 September 1939 and one probably destroyed[1]
  • Me-109E - 10 February 1941
  • Me-109 - 18 February 1941[2]
  • 1/2 Me-109 - 10 July 1941
  • 1/2 Ju-88 - 14 July 1941
  • Me-109F - 8 November 1941 and one damaged
  • Ju-88 - 6 December 1941
  • Fw-190 - 25 April 1942
  • Fw-190 - 26 July 1943 probably destroyed
  • He-111 - 19 August 1942
  • Fw-190 - 2 May 1943
  • Fw-190 - 24 June 1943[3]
  • 1/2 Fw-190 - 4 September 1943[4]
  • Fw-190 - 23 September 1943 probably destroyed

Awards[edit | edit source]

Virtuti Militari Ribbon.png Virtuti Militari, Silver Cross
POL Krzyż Walecznych (1940) 4r BAR.PNG Cross of Valour (Poland), four times
DistinguishedFlyingCrossUKRibbon.jpg Distinguished Flying Cross (United Kingdom)

References[edit | edit source]

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  4. wg. cieldegloire - shot down one aircraft, not shared

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