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Stanisław Kostka Gadomski by Rola coat of arms (1718–1797) was governor of Łęczyca province since 1787, Speaker of the Sejm, General officer of Armed forces in First Rzeczpospolita, Starost of Chervonohrad.

He had been a companion for exiled Stanisław Leszczyński to Lorraine, where he completed military training in Knight Academy in Nancy. During the War of the Austrian Succession, he served he in a French army. Moreover he took part in Silesian Wars amongst ranks of the Kingdom of Prussia army. After he had returned to country became the supporter of Potoccy family. In 1747, Stanisław Gadomski became an adjutant of Grand Crown Hetman Józef Potocki. Between 1752 and 1754 he was getting a yearly salary from French ambassador in the amount of 400 ducats. In 1757 he was nominated as a general-major of the Crown Army. In 1760, he became an army deputy in fiscal tribunal.

Designated as a member of the: General sejm in 1760, Convocation Sejm in 1764, Czaplic Sejm in 1766 and Repnin Sejm in 1767. Signed the election of Stanisław August Poniatowski. In 1766, he was decorated with the Order of Saint Stanislaus and The Order of the White Eagle in later years. Thanks to recommendation from Prussian deputy, Stanisław Gadomski became part of the Permanent Council.


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