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Ostrogski Castle in Starokostiantyniv, Ukraine

The Old Constantine Castle is a Volhynian castle built at the confluence of the Sluch and Ikopot' rivers by Prince Constantine Ostrogski in the 1560s. The castle of Starokostiantyniv has withstood many attacks by the Turks and the Crimean Tatars but was successfully stormed by the rebellious Cossacks in 1648. The castle played an important part in Ukraine's struggle for independence when Starokostiantyniv was visited by such national leaders as Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Petro Doroshenko. The grounds still contain a fortified residence and a small church. The latter is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and has a single apse. A sacristy building adjoins it from the side of the river. The wall had five towers of which little remains. It used to be encircled by the 6-metre-high earthen ramparts and a moat traversed by a drawbridge.

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