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State President ‘s Guard
State Presidents Guard emblem
Country  South Africa
Branch  South Africa Army
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The State President's Guard [1] was a home guard for the South African State President and also acted as a guard of honour at ceremonial occasions.

History[edit | edit source]

Up to, and including State President C.R. Swart's term of office, no permanent Guard existed. On his retirement from office on 31 May 1967, plans were made for the Guard to appear in public for the first time.

The Unit was established officially on 1 May 1967 and an effort was made to train the specially selected servicemen who would form this guard of honour. Special uniforms were manufactured Due to the State President elect's illness, the Guard could, however only make its first public appearance eight months later at his State funeral.

Function[edit | edit source]

Ceremonial[edit | edit source]

The most important ceremonial function of the State President's Guard was that of guard of honour. Appearances of the Guard in this capacity included the following:

  • the inauguration of State Presidents;
  • visits from foreign heads of State, as well as other eminent foreign visitors;
  • performances at the state funerals of State Presidents and at certain other military funerals.

Regular performances also took place at occasions when foreign ambassadors presented their credentials to the State President. Other appearances were when national states officially gain independence. In addition, the Guard also performed at the official arrival and departure of the State President from various cities, especially those cities in which his official residences were situated.

The Unit was also responsible for a weekly changing of the guard parade on Fridays at Tuynhuys in Cape Town while Parliament was in session. At the end of each month, a retreat ceremony was held by the Unit at a public venue. Similar parades were held at the Castle, the Parade in Cape Town and at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

SADF State President's Guard Commemorative Letter

Infantry Unit[edit | edit source]

Although the primary task of the State President's Guard was to act as home guard for the State President and as guard of honour on ceremonial occasions, they also did border duty. Consequently, the training of the Unit was quite diverse and intensive and the requirements for selection were very strict.

Replaced[edit | edit source]

This unit was replacedriven by the National Ceremonial Guard in the SANDF.

Insignia[edit | edit source]


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References[edit | edit source]

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