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Steadham N. Acker
Born (1896-03-31)March 31, 1896
Talladega, Alabama
Died October 22, 1952(1952-10-22) (aged 56)
Jefferson, Alabama
Education B.S. in Chemical Engineering
Alma mater University of Alabama
Political party Democratic
Religion Methodist
Spouse(s) Grace Frutlicher
Children Grace Ann Kessler, Mildred Luck
Parents William Henderson Acker, Emma Izora Stedham

Steadham N. Acker (March 31, 1896 - October 22, 1952) was an American pioneer aviator before World War I.


He was born on March 31, 1896 in Talladega, Alabama to William H. Acker.

He was a member of the Early Birds of Aviation, a small group of pilots that flew before World War I.[1] Acker's first flight and parachute jump was made in 1914 when he was 18, and used a balloon, rather than a powered aircraft.[2]

He became a Lieutenant in the Naval Air Service from 1918 to 1919.[3] He was the general manager of the Birmingham Municipal Airport and founded the Birmingham Aero Club on 31 January 1932. Acker and Rountree founded and managed the National Air Carnival, an annual Birmingham based airshow.[4][5] In 1946 Acker became the director for the National Aviation Clinic in Oklahoma City and ran the Omaha airshow.[6]

He died October 22, 1952 in Jefferson, Alabama at age 56.


He was inducted in the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame in 1984.


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