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Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2016 (26301492974)

The SETC trophy, with a German Leopard 2A6 in the background.

The Strong Europe Tank Challenge (SETC) is an annual, multinational tank crew competition hosted by the U.S. Army Europe and the German Army.[1] Crews from NATO and non-NATO partners compete in defensive/offensive mounted and dismounted operations. The first challenge was held in 2016, with Germany taking first place.[2] The 2017 challenge saw Austria placing first, with Germany and the U.S. taking second and third, respectively.[3]



The 2016 competition was the first SETC competition. Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the sent one platoon, the United States sent two. The Czech Republic planned to send a platoon, but the unit failed to arrive.[4]

Place Unit Nation Tank
1st C/ 3. Kompanie, GebirgsPanzerbataillon 8 Germany Leopard 2A6
2nd 1/ 1st Squadron, 1st Panserbataljon Denmark Leopard 2A5 DK
3rd 1/ 1st Company, 1st Tank Battalion Poland Leopard 2A5
4th 1/ 2nd Company, 8th Tank Battalion Italy C1 Ariete
5th 1/ D Company, 2-7 Infantry U.S. M1A2 SEP v2
6th 3/ C Company, 2-7 Infantry U.S. M1A2 SEP v2
7th Wolf/ 45th Center for Tracked Combat Vehicles Slovenia M-84


The second annual competition included two newcomers, Ukraine and France. Italy and Slovenia did not appear, and Denmark could not afford to attend.[5]

Place Nation Tank
1st Austria Leopard 2A4
2nd Germany Leopard 2A6
3rd U.S. M1A2 SEP v2
4th France AMX Leclerc
5th Ukraine T-64BM
6th Poland Leopard 2A5

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