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The Supreme Commander of the Unified Armed Forces of the Warsaw Treaty Organization was a post in overall command of the military forces of the Warsaw Pact. The post was instituted in 1955 and abolished in 1991.


# Name Image Born–Died Rank Start End Note
1 Ivan Konev 90px 1897–1973 Marshal of the Soviet Union 1955 1960
2 Andrei Grechko Alej hrdinov Andrej Antonovic Grečko.jpg 1903–1976 Marshal of the Soviet Union 1960 1967 Afterwards served as the Minister of Defence of the Soviet Union from 1967 to 1976
3 Ivan Yakubovsky Yakubovsky.jpg 1912–1976 Marshal of the Soviet Union 1967 1976
4 Viktor Kulikov Viktor Kulikov.jpg 1921–2013 Marshal of the Soviet Union 1977 1989
5 Petr Lushev No image.png 1923–1997 Army General 1989 1991

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