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Svealand Artillery Regiment
Svea artilleriregemente
[[File:Artilleriregementet vapen|240x240px|frameless}}||alt=]]
Active 1794–1997
Country Sweden
Branch Swedish Army
Type Artillery
Size Regiment
Motto(s) Serve well
Colours Medium blue
March "Spirito militare" (1891–1997)
Battle honours None

The Svealand Artillery Regiment (Swedish language:Svea artilleriregemente ), designation A 1, was a Swedish Army artillery regiment that traced its origins back to the 17th century. It was disbanded in 1997. The regiment's soldiers were originally recruited from Svealand, and it was also garrisoned there.


The regiment has its origins in Artilleriregementet raised in 1636. That regiment was split into four new regiments in 1794 of which Svea artilleriregemente was one. The regiment was given the designation A 1 (1st Artillery Regiment) in 1830. In 1889 three companies garrisoned in Vaxholm became independent and formed Vaxholms artillerikår.

In 1893 another four companies were split off to form Norrlands artilleriregemente and Andra Svea artilleriregemente. Due to this the regiment also changed name to Första Svea artilleriregemente. The name was changed back again in 1904. The regiment was garrisoned in Stockholm but moved to Linköping in 1963 before being disbanded in 1997.


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Name, designation and garrisonEdit

NameTranslationFrom To
Svea artilleriregementeSvealand Artillery Regiment1794-06-231892-12-31
Första Svea artilleriregemente1st Svealand Artillery Regiment1893-01-011904-12-07
Svea artilleriregementeSvealand Artillery Regiment1904-12-081997-12-31
DesignationFrom To
A 118301997-12-31
Training ground
or garrison town
From To
Stockholm (G)1794-06-231949-06-06
Sundbyberg (G)1949-06-071963-03-31
Linköping (G)1963-04-011997-12-31

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Coordinates: 59°20′35″N 18°05′02″E / 59.34306°N 18.08389°E / 59.34306; 18.08389

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