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Svetlyak-class patrol boat
Russian Maritime Border Guard Svetlyak class patrol craft PSKR-915 Nevel'sk underway
Class overview
Name: Sveljak Class
Builders: Almaz shipbuilding company
Operators: Naval Ensign of Russia.svg Russian Navy/Border Guard Service of Russia,
Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam navy,
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenian navy,
In commission: 1988 ( Russian Navy )
General characteristics
Type: fast patrol boat
Displacement: 375 tons full load ( 390 tons for project 10411 )
Length: 49.5 metres (162'4").
Beam: 9.2 metres (30'2").
Draught: 2.2 metres (7'2").
Propulsion: 3x M504 diesel engines with 16200 hp
Speed: up to 30 knots (Full Speed), 13 knots ( Economical )
Range: 2200 miles at 13 knots.
Endurance: 10 days
Crew: 28 crew plus up to 14 passengers
Armament: 1 - 76mm gun AK-176 (the first 9 only)
1 30mm gun AK-630M ( 2 from the 10th, instead of 76mm )
2 - 406 mm torpedo tubes (the first 9)

Svetljak-class patrol boats (NATO Svetlyak) are designed to carry out a variety of missions, from patrol missions to prevent violations of maritime state border, to protect friendly vessels and facilities from enemy surface and air attacks. The Svetljak class consists of 3 types:

  • Project 10410 - Patrol boat operated by the Russian Navy and Maritime Border Guard - 32 ships in service + 1 ordered( Last in a series ).
  • Project 10411 - Missile boat offered for export armed with 8 SS-N-25 anti ship missiles
  • Project 10412 - Gun boat version for export to Slovenia and Vietnam


Flag of Russia.svg Russia

Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia

  • Slovenian Navy. One Russian vessel transferred to the Slovenian Navy as payment for debt and named Triglav.

Flag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam

Svetlyak class patrol boat users

Svetlyak class patrol boat users




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