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Svetomir Đukić (29 May 1882 - 19 October 1960) was founder of Olympic Committee of Serbia,officer in Serbian Army and general in the Chetnik movement.

Светомир Ђукић споменик

The Monument of Svetomir Đukić, the founder of Olympic Committee of Serbia,in Valjevo


In mid-April, 1945 he met with Draža Mihailović who instructed him to meet with the leader of the Independent State of Croatia, Ante Pavelić. He was to seek passage through Croatian territory, as well as supplies. He arrived in Zagreb on April 17.

He led a Chetnik delegation which carried on talks with Croatian officials. These talks were held on solely between the respective Croat and Serb delegations, without the involvement of Nazi Germany. On the first day, and Vladimir Predavac had a meeting with Pavelić and Andrija Artuković. On the second day of talks Đukić was joined by Zika Andrić and a representative of Mihailović, Ranko Brašić while Artuković's place was taken by generals Djordje Gruić and Maks Luburić.

After the last meeting, held on April 22, Pavelić agreed to Đukić's requests. Pavelić later confirmed the meeting in his work Hrvatska drzava zivi (1949).

His memoirs were later printed by the Serbian diaspora in Buenos Aires in 1955 under the title Iz sume u emigraciju - Drazine poruke Pavelicu.

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