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This is a list of Swedish Air Force weapons.

Designating a weaponEdit

Most weapons where called by an m/xx number that normally showed the weapons accpetance into service by the armed forces. Missiles where designated with two digits after the "Rb" designation which is short for "Robot" the Swedish word for missile. With air-to-air missiles odd numbers indicated radar seekers like the Rb 71 or Sky Flash, even numbers indicate IR seekers like the Rb 98 or IRIS-T off-boresight air-to-air missile.

Air-to-air missilesEdit

  • Rb 321 Experimental missile meant to arm the J 35 Draken but didn't enter production.
  • Rb 24 Sidewinder The air force's first operational air-to-air missile.
  • Rb 24J Sidewinder Swedish designation of the AIM-9P3.
  • Rb 74 Sidewinder Swedish designation of the AIM-9L, sometimes called the Rb 24L.
  • Rb 27 The Hughes Falcon GAR-3A missile in Swedish service equipped with new proximity fuze, and used on the J 35F/J Saab Draken.
  • Rb 28 Hughes Falcon GAR-4 IR seeker in a GAR-2 body.
  • Rb 71 The British Sky Flash semiactive air-to-air missile operated by the JA 37 viggen

Air-to-surface missilesEdit

  • Rb 05 A joystick-controlled air-to-surface missile developed by Bofors for the AJ 37 viggen
  • Rb 75 Maverick TV-guided air-to-surface missile corresponding to the AGM-65A/B

Anti-Ship MissilesEdit

  • Rb 04 Swedish-built anti-ship missile in use since the early 1960s in C/D/E versions
  • Rb 15F Air-launched version of the RBS15 anti-ship missile

Surface-to-air missilesEdit

  • Rb 68 Bristol Bloodhound mk2 high-altitude surface-to-air missile.
  • Rb 67 HAWK surface-to-air missile
  • Rb 70 Short-ranged surface-to-air missile developed by Bofors, laser beamrider.
  • Rb 69 Redeye MANPAD



  • 135 mm rocket pods made by Bofors
  • 70mm Air-to-air rocket pods


  • 120 kg m/71 high explosive bombs made by Bofors

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