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Swedish Brigade
Swedish Brigade at the White victory parade in Helsinki 16 May 1918.
Country Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Allegiance Flag white Finnish Whites
Service history
Active 1918
Size 400
Battles Finnish Civil War
Commanders Hjalmar FrisellLars V. RunebergAllan Winge
Current commander 17 April – 22 April17 April – 22 April}
Command Sergeant Major 23 April – May23 April – May

The Swedish Brigade (Swedish language:Svenska brigaden , Finnish language:Ruotsalainen prikaati ) was a paramilitary unit composed of 400 Swedish volunteers to assist the White Guards during the 1918 Finnish Civil War. The brigade participated the Battle of Tampere between 28 March and 6 April.[1] 34 members of the Swedish Brigade were killed in action and up to 50 wounded. Notable members included the archaeologist Axel Boëthius and the historian Olof Palme who was killed in Tampere.[2]

It is suspected that the Swedish volunteers killed the Estonian Deputy Prime Minister Jüri Vilms. Vilms had traveled to Finland for instructions to get diplomatic recognition for his newly sovereign nation, but went missing. According to the Swedish Brigade war diaries, they executed three Estonians in the village of Hauho in 2 May. One of them was described as ″well-dressed″ and was carrying a large sum of money.[3]


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