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Swedish soldier in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1996

Swedish soldier wearing M90 in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

M90 is the standard combat and field uniform worn by the Military of Sweden.[1]


M 90

Swedish airsoft player during game at Bockaby wearing the standard Field Uniform m/90 uniform with non issue battle vest in same splinter camo pattern.

The M90 uniform consists of:[1]

  • Field jacket (Fältjacka)
  • Field trousers (Fältbyxa)
  • Field cap (Fältmössa)
  • Helmet cover (Hjälmdok)

These items are produced in the M90 pattern in three schemes: woodland, desert and snow camouflage. The snow camouflage is only issued to specific units. The desert camouflage has been in use with the Swedish ISAF contingent in Afghanistan since 2004.

Other items issued as part of the field uniform include:

  • Green quarter-zip thermal shirt
  • Combat vest
  • Balaclava
  • White winter over-suit
  • Black leather combat boots


Swedish pvt and CV90-40C in California

A Swedish soldier leads a CV90-40C APC out of a simulated forward deployed location at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California

The basic field uniform has a number of variations beyond the standard field, desert and winter uniforms.[2]

  • 2002 ADYK
  • M90H (Helikopter) - a specialised uniform designed for helicopter crews, made from a fire-resistant material. M90H jackets reverse to orange for use as an emergency signaling panel in the event of a crash over land or sea.
  • M90K (Ökenkammo) - a camouflage uniform designed for use in desert environments. It has been on issue to troops of the Swedish ISAF contingent from 2004 onward. It contains the standard M90 splinter pattern, recoloured for use in a desert environment. M90K has earth brown, light green and medium gray splinters on a sand-coloured background.
  • M90L (Lätt/Light) - a uniform in the same pattern as the original M90, made in a lighter-weight material for personnel operating in climates warmer than Sweden.
  • M90P (Pansar) - a special uniform for armoured units and tank regiments (Pansarregemente). This uniform has more pockets with a slightly different design than the standard M90.
  • M90T (Tropical) - a newer uniform designed to replace M90L uniforms, made from a lightweight ripstop cotton material. It is similar in construction to the M90K desert uniform.

The Future of M90Edit

The M90 uniform has been undergoing advanced research and development lately, and it is possible that new materials such as Gore-Tex and Kevlar will be used in the future to further strengthen and adapt the uniform for special conditions.


Towards the end of the 17th century Swedish king Karl XI started to reform his army. He brought in new equipment, new tactics and new formations. Transforming the northern country into a military state much like 18th century Prussia. Karl XI also introduced Sweden's, and possibly the world's, first standard issue army uniform in 1693.

The king was very detail minded, and so he checked the individual soldiers and units many times over the years. Testing their equipment and looking over their uniforms. This made his army strong, well equipped and above all, ready for action.

Earlier uniformsEdit

Swedish standard uniform model 1693.

Model m/23. Model m/45. Model m/70.


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