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Swerford Castle
Swerford, Oxfordshire, England
Motte and Bailey, Swerford - - 215450
The remaining earthworks
Type Motte and bailey
Coordinates Latitude: 51.9777
Longitude: -1.4592
Earthworks remain

Swerford Castle was a medieval castle in the village of Swerford, Oxfordshire, England.


Swerford Castle was built in a motte and bailey design in the 12th century.[1] It was positioned so as to overlook the local ford of the River Swere and the village of Swerford.[1] Archaeological remains suggest that the castle was probably constructed during the years of the Anarchy, probably by the same family that built Ascot d'Oilly Castle.[1]

The central motte is 18 m wide in diameter on top, and 30 m in diameter at the base, and 4 m tall; the wider bailey is approximately 52 m by 42 m, with a deep ditch.[1] The remains today are a scheduled monument.[1]

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