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In the Swiss Air Force an aircraft is usually not deployed permanently to a given Squadron, especially that of the milizia pilots who spend just a few weeks a year in service. Aircraft are used across several squadrons, even the Squadron leader's aircraft such as the F/A-18C J-5017 from 17 Squadron will be used by used other squadrons. Older aircraft will often be retired from front line service to support squadrons, for example the Hawker Hunter from a fighter-bomber with 5 Squadron to Zielflugstaffel 12 as a target tug. The two F/A-18C Mock-up X-5098 and X-5099 are not part of any squadron. They are trainings aids for the ground-crews.

Image Name Status Home base Aircraft type History Notes
Swiss-air-force-badge-fliegerstaffel-1Fliegerstaffel 1 RokhInactiveDübendorf Air BaseF-5EHawker Hunter, DH-100 Vampire, C-3036, Fokker C.V, Häfeli DH-5 Commander of the Patrouille Suisse was Member of FlSt1. The Patrouille Suisse was Created from parts of the FlSt1[1]
FlSt2oldFliegerstaffel 2InactivePayerne Air BaseF-5E Hawker Hunter, DH-112 Venom, DH-100 Vampire,AFB Ulrichen, Turtmann[2]
FlSt3neuFliegerstaffel 3InactiveSion AirportMirage IIIRSHawker Hunter, DH-112 Venom Recon vers, D-3800, C-3603, Dewoitine D.27[3]
FlSt4Fliegerstaffel 4InactivePayerne Air BaseMirage IIIRSHawker Hunter, DH-112 Venom, DH-100 Vampire AFB Turtmann, Sankt Stephan[4]
FlSt5newFliegerstaffel 5 LynxInactiveInterlakenHawker HunterDH-100 Vampire, Häfeli DH-5 Swiss Astronaut Claude Nicollier Pilot at this Sqd
FlSt6Fliegerstaffel 6 DucksactivePayerne Air BaseF-5E[5][6]
Swiss Air Force 7 Squadron EmblemFliegerstaffel 7InactiveMeiringen air baseHawker HunterDH-112 Venom, DH-100 Vampire, Me109, Fokker C.V,AFB Ambri, Interlaken[7]
FlSt8Fliegerstaffel 8 DestructorsactiveMeiringen air baseF-5E AFBBuochs Airport[8]
FlSt9Fliegerstaffel 9InactiveDH-112 VenomDH-100 Vampire, Me109,D-3801, Dewoitine D.27, Fokker C.V[9]
FlSt10Fliegerstaffel 10InactiveBuochs AirportDassault Mirage IIIRSDH-112 Venom recon, DH-100 Vampire, C-3603, P-51 Mustang all equipped with Photocameras[10][11][12]
Staffel11neuFliegerstaffel 11 TigersactiveMeiringen air baseF/A-18Dübendorf Air Base, F-5E, Hawker Hunter, DH-100 Vampire, D-3801 Member of the NATO Tiger Association,[13] F/A-18C J-5011 Squad Aircraft with special paint[14]
FlSt12newZielflugstaffel 12activeEmmen Air BasePilatus PC-9/ F-5EHawker Hunter, C-36[15]
FlSt13newFliegerstaffel 13InactivePayerne Air BaseF-5EDH-112 Venom, D-3800 Morane, Trurtmann AFB, Meiringen air base Ambri[16]
FlSt14Fliegerstaffel 14active LocarnoPilatus PC-7DH-100 VampirePilatus P-3[17]
FlSt15newFliegerstaffel 15InactiveSankt StephanHawker HunterDH-112 Venom, DH-100 Vampire, D-3801, Me109, Payerne Air Basein the last year a Hunter got a "Papyrus" paint this AC is now private used[18]
FlSt16neuFliegerstaffel 16activeSion AirportF-5F Mirage IIIS, DH-112 Venom & DH-112 R1, DH-100 Vampire, P-51 Mustang C-3603, C-36, Fokker C.V, Buochs Airport
FlSt17Fliegerstaffel 17 FalconsactivePayerne Air BaseF/A-18Mirage IIIS, DH-112 Venom, D-3802, C-3603, Häfeli DH-5 Dewoitine D.27 AFB BuochsEmmen, Raron Sqd Aircraft F/A-18C J-5017 with "Falcons" Paint[19][20]
FlSt18Fliegerstaffel 18 PanthersactivePayerne Air BaseF/A-18Sqd Aircraft F/A-18C J-5018 with "Phanters" Paint[21]
FlSt19Fliegerstaffel 19 SwansactiveSion AirportF-5E Potez 25,Morane D-3800 P-51 Mustang, DH-112 Venom, Hawker Hunter[22]
FlSt20Fliegerstaffel 20InactiveMollisHawker Hunter DH-112 Venom, DH-100 Vampire, P-51 Mustang, D-3801 [23]
FlSt21Fliegerstaffel 21InactiveRaronHawker HunterDH-112 Venom, DH-100 Vampire, P-51 Mustang, Dewoitine D.27, Me109,AFB Buochs, Turtmann, Dübendorf [24][25]
FlSt24newFliegerstaffel 24activeEmmen Air BasePilatus PC-9 / F-5F Hawker Hunter TrainerSqd 22 and 23 don't exist
LT1Lufttransportstaffel 1activePayerne Air BaseAS 532UL, AS 332M-1, EC635Alouette III[26]
LT2 StaffelLufttransportstaffel 2Inactive Dübendorf Air BaseAlouette IIIAérospatiale Alouette II, Piper Super Cub, AFB Triengen[27]
Emblem LT3Lufttransportstaffel 3activeAS 532UL, AS 332M-1, EC635[28]
LT4Lufttransportstaffel 4activeDübendorf Air BaseAS 532UL, AS 332M-1, EC635, B190, DHC-6, B350Superpuma T-316 with Squadronpainting
Lt5Lufttransportstaffel 5activeDübendorf Air BaseAS 532UL, AS 332M-1, EC635Alouette IIIDornier Do 27Aérospatiale Alouette II
LT6Lufttransportstaffel 6activeAlpnachAS 532UL, AS 332M-1 EC635[29]
LT7neuLufttransportstaffel 7activeEmmen Air BasePilatus PC-6[30]
Lufttransport Staffel8Lufttransportstaffel 8activeAlpnachAS 532UL, AS 332M-1 EC635Aérospatiale Alouette III[31] []

Other aircraft unitsEdit

Image Name Status Homebase Aircrafttype History Notes
BFKBerufsfliegerkorpsactiveDübendorf Air Base HQ all AC typesformer UeG Überwachungsgeschwader[32]
LTDBLufttransportdienst des BundesactiveBern AirportCessna Citation Excel, DHC-6, B350, B1900, Falcon 900, EC635Learjet 35, Falcon 50, Eurocopter Dauphin [33]
PilotenschulePilotenschuleactiveEmmen Air BasePilatus PC-21F-5F, BAE Hawk, DH-100 VampireT
Dro Stf7Drohnengeschwader 7activeEmmen Air BaseADS-95
GRDGRD ArmasuisseactiveEmmen Air BasePilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter, Pilatus PC-12, Diamond DA42 Aurora CentauerHawker Hunter, Mirage IIIC, F-5E(J-3001)Flight test Service
PsabzeichenPatrouille SuisseactiveEmmen Air BaseF-5EHawker Hunter AFB DübendorfCreated from parts of the Fliegerstaffel 1[34]
Pc7teamPC-7 TeamactiveDübendorf Air BasePilatus PC-7[35]
Swiss-air-force-mhrMHR Militär Helikopter RettungsdienstInactiveAlouette IIISAR, Today made by the civil Rega (air rescue)
AddcADDCactiveDübendorf Air Base Air Force HQ, Air Operations Centre, Air Defence& Directions Center
Flaufk17Parachute Reconnaissance Company 17activeLocarnoMT-1Para reccon


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