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TAZ 90 Camo pattern

Taz 90 (Swiss Woodland) camouflage pattern

Taz 90 (fr:TASS 90, Swiss Woodland) is the camouflage patterns for current standard issue battledress and service dress uniform of the Swiss Armed Forces.


The four-colour pattern consists of tan, brown, green and black and is a development of the Taz 57 and Taz 83 (the "Alpenflage") patterns which it replaced in the early 1990s. Even so, the pattern is based on the alpenflage, but with the deletion of the white spots and the red colour found in the alpenflage, along with minor changes.[1]


Further developmentsEdit

In 2006, the Taz was changed to Velcro insigna and Velcro name tabs (Taz 90/06). A slightly altered new MultiCam design (Multiumfeldtarnmuster 16) will be introduced in 2022.[2]


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