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Morges Castle in 2007 during SRC by Gerry Hofstetter Light Artist

The Swiss Raid Commando was one of the most enduring and most important military competitions worldwide. It was addressed to very well trained, armed force personnel, who were willing to compete in a "commando" type exercise. It was discontinued after the 18th edition in 2009.

The raiders competed in teams of 4, in which at least one patrol member was required to be either an officer or an NCO. Solid infantry training, an excellent physical condition as well as analytical and above-average judgment skills were vital.

The competition's motto was "Vouloir, Croire et Oser" ("Want, Believe and Dare").


The first SRC was held in 1986, implemented by the Neuchatel officers’ society. The 18th edition took place in 2009.

From 1997 through 2003 the event was organized by the Field Division 2, since then by the Swiss Infantry Training Unit. The SRC has the full support of the Department of Defense, Population Protection and Sports (DDPS).

During each edition, an average of 650 soldiers compete, most of who come from elite troops from 15 different nations.

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