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Swissint is the center of the Swiss Army for foreign missions. Stationed is the competence center in Oberndorf at Stans, Canton of Nidwalden.

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Swissint is the national command authority for all peace support operations abroad. Swissint is responsible for planning and management, recruitment, care and control of all personnel, training of individuals and units, the mission-related equipment of the soldiers, the Logistics abroad, financial planning and credit management, public relations and the use of appropriate mission analysis.[1]


With about 280 officers, NCOs, soldiers and civilians leads Swissint more than twelve operations in Europe, Africa and Asia. With Swissint particularly the continuing use since 1999 in the Kosovo is associated. The local Swisscoy provides an infantry company for safety and provides a further logistic services company for the benefit of international partners. On behalf of the UN (UN) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) are Military Observer, Staff Officer - and liaison officers or even military advisers as individuals or small teams in action.

The competence centerEdit

The competence center is located in the barracks Wil Stans-Oberdorf. It is staffed by nearly 20 permanent employees and a flexible number of project-related employees. Swissint is right assumed to the chief of the [of the army Joint Staff / Leadership Staff of the Army and is based on the policy objectives of the Federal Council of (Switzerland) and the Parliament, and according to the instructions of the [Army Chief / chief of the army. The commander is Colonel in the General Staff (Switzerland) Fridolin Keller.


The Trainingenter of Swissint in Stans is a subject to the training center (AZ). It also located on the military base at Wil Stans AZ for mission-related training (EBA) responsible. Nearly 20 professional and regular soldiers train all members of the Swiss Army, which make a voluntary assignment abroad as part of promoting peace. All courses are structured according to the requirements and lessons learned from operations and adjusted continuously. The course program is wide-ranging and aimed at national and international, as well as to civilian and military users.

Swiss soldiers who have volunteered for Peace Support Operations receive their education through the AZ Swissint. The NATO, has the AZ Swissint as Partnership for Peace Certified Training and Education Center declared. ThenAZ Swissint offers several national and international courses for civil and military users. Serve as the infrastructure including the Plaza de Armas in Stans-Oberdorf and the Camp Swissint which can accommodate 180 people in around 200 containers.

Currently, members of the Army (AdA) are formed for the following missions:


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