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Sy Gomberg (August 19, 1918 – February 11, 2001) was an Oscar-nominated film screenwriter and producer who taught screenwriting to University of Southern California students for over ten years. Gomberg was born in New York City. He spent World War II in the First Motion Picture Unit in Hollywood. After the war, he was a contributor to Collier's Weekly and the Saturday Evening Post. In 1951, he received an Academy Award nomination for When Willie Comes Marching Home – which was based on a story Gomberg originally wrote for Collier's. He also created, produced and wrote the 1960s ABC legal drama The Law and Mr. Jones starring James Whitmore, Conlan Carter, and Janet De Gore.

A supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Gomberg organized members of the film industry to march with Martin Luther King, Jr., in Alabama.

Gomberg married actress Maxine Cooper in 1957[1] and they remained together until his death at age 82 in Brentwood, California. His wife had one son from her previous marriage; they had two daughters together.


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