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Type Main battle tank
Place of origin  Russian Federation
Weight 41.3 metric tons
Crew 3

Armour Composite armour / Reactive armour
125 mm smoothbore gun
7.62 mm coaxial PKT machine gun
Engine Gas turbine engine
Fuel capacity 1200 liters

T-94 was one of the competitive Russian tanks developed under the new generation tank program. Today that program is possibly abandoned, as some Russian officials claim, in favour of the T-90 modernization. The T-94 was first seen in Ukraine in 1996. It appears the tank was in direct competition with two other tank projects known under different names, mostly Black Eagle and T-95.

The T-94 was characterized by its extremely low profile, with a weight reduced to 41.3 metric tons, seven road wheels and an unmanned turret. The 3-man crew (commander, gunner, driver) was placed in the hull front. The tank was powered by a gas turbine engine. Its main armament was a 125 mm smoothbore gun, with a revolving automatic loading system, capable of firing the 9M119 anti-tank missiles. The fire control, for both missiles and standard rounds, was conducted through a television camera in the turret. The tank protection included explosive reactive armour, the Shtora-1 and Arena active protection systems and an ABC protection.

The T-94 was said to be effective but very expensive to produce.

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