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Military Sealift Command Sealift Logistics Command Europe and Africa/Task Force 63
TF 63
CTF-63 Logo.gif
Badge of the Command of the Task Force
Country United States

 United States Navy

Type Task Force/Naval Command
Role Supporting US Naval Forces Europe with logistical supply and transportation
Part of US Naval Forces Europe
Garrison/HQ NSA Gaeta

Task Force 63 (TF 63) or also known as COMSEALOGEUR (Commander, Sea Logistics Europe) is a command of the United States Navy based in Europe supporting the United States Sixth Fleet (US Navy, Europe).

Mission[edit | edit source]

Task Force 63 is the Logistics Force. Task Force 63 and Military Sealift Command’s Sealift Logistics Command (SEALOGEUR) are two separately named formations that actually operate as a unified one with one staff. Task Force 63 is headquartered at Naples, Italy. Composed of oilers, provision ships, and repair ships, its mission is the delivery of supplies at sea, and effecting repairs to other ships and equipment of the Fleet. Commander, Task Force 63 (CTF-63) is the operational commander of all the U.S. 6th Fleet air and sea logistics. While in theater, Military Sealift Command’s Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force and Special Mission ships report to CTF-63 along with cargo planes that support 6th Fleet and U.S. European Command logistics missions.

CTF-63 is also responsible for ordering and tracking spare parts and supplies being delivered to ships in theater. CTF-63 is the immediate operational commander of Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron One (MPSRON ONE) based in the Mediterranean Sea. The ships of MPSRON One are deployed year-round. This pre-positions U.S. military cargo at sea. Should a military or humanitarian crisis arise in theater, the squadron can deliver its cargo ashore, enabling a faster U.S. response.

The responsibilities of CTF-63 include coordinating and providing transportation and delivery of personnel, equipment, fuel, supplies, repair parts, mail and ammunition via air and surface logistics assets – including MSC Combat Logistics Force ships – to sustain U.S. forces in the European and African theaters. As MSCEURAF, the commodore is the area commander in Europe and Africa for MSC, exercising tactical control of all U.S. transportation command forces in the European and African areas of operation.

CTF-63 is the immediate operational commander of Maritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron One based in the Mediterranean Sea.

Current Composition[edit | edit source]

Currently the force commands the following ships;

References[edit | edit source]

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