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The Kent Regiment was an infantry regiment of the Canadian Forces. In 1954 it was amalgamated with The Essex Scottish Regiment to form The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment.

This regiment was formed on January 1, 1901. It was given the title of the 24th Kent Regiment, with the headquarters stationed in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. As with many regiments in the Canadian Forces, the 24th Kent Regiment was renamed, and more than once. In December 1936, the regiment was redesignated as The Kent Regiment (MG) when it amalgamated with B Company, 2nd Machine Gun Battalion, CMGC. Eventually it was named The Kent Regiment on April 1, 1941.

The Kent Regiment did not go overseas as a unit during World War II, but was on active duty for coastal defense in NS and BC; and power station guard near Niagara Falls. They also provided reinforcements to many Ontario units serving overseas, most importantly the Essex Scottish, especially after Dieppe. Both The Kent Regiment and The Essex Scottish raised 2nd Battalions for reserve service in Canada as Non-Permanent Active Militia (NPAM).

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  • Duty Nobly Done: The Official History of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment by Sandy Antal (Jan 2006)

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