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The Serbian Third Army (Serbian language::Српска Трећа Армија / Srpska Treća Armija) was a Serbian field army that fought during World War I.

During the First Balkan War, the Third Army participated in the Battle of Kumanovo (23 - October 24, 1912) along with the Serbian First Army and the Serbian Second Army. It was composed of four infantry divisions and one infantry brigade (76,000 men), deployed in two groups, the first one at Toplica and the second one at Medveđa. It was assigned to the westernmost attack, with the task of taking Kosovo and then moving south to attack the left flank of the Ottoman Army.

The Third Army was led by Božidar Janković.[1]



    • detachments guarding Drina river:
      • Obrenovac detachment
        • 6 infantry battalions
        • 1 cavalry troop
        • 2 artillery batteries
      • Šabac detachment
        • 8 infantry battalions
        • 1 cavalry troop
        • 2 artillery batteries
    • Loznica and Lesnia detachments
        • 6 infantry battalions
        • 1 cavalry troop
        • 3 artillery batteries
      • Ljubovija detachment
        • 2 infantry battalions III
        • 1 artillery battery
      • Debelo Brdo detachment
        • 1 infantry battalion III
      • Jadar Chetnik detachment - 500 chetniks
      • Rudnik Chetnik detachment - 500 chetniks

References and notesEdit

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