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Thomas Stanton
Born 1616?
Died December 2, 1677
Stonington, Connecticut
Nationality English
Known for Co-founder, Stonington, Connecticut
Spouse(s) Anna Lord (c.1637) (1614-1688)
Children Thomas Stanton Jr. (1638-1718)
Capt. John Stanton (1641-1713)
Mary Stanton (1643-?)
Hannah Lord Stanton (1644-1727)
Joseph Stanton (1646-1713)
Daniel Stanton (1648-1688)
Dorothy Stanton (1651-1743)
Robert Stanton (1653-1724)
Sarah Stanton (1655-1713)
Samuel Stanton (1657-1698)[1]

Thomas Stanton (1616?–1677) was a trader and an accomplished Indian interpreter and negotiator in the colony of Connecticut. One of the original settlers of Hartford,[2] he was also one of four founders of Stonington, Connecticut, along with William Chesebrough, Thomas Miner, and Walter Palmer.

He first appears in the historical record as an interpreter for John Winthrop, Jr. in 1636. He fought in the Pequot War, nearly losing his life in the Fairfield Swamp Fight in 1637. In 1638 he was a delegate at the Treaty of Hartford, which ended that war. In 1643, the United Colonies of New England appointed Stanton as Indian Interpreter.

Following the war, Stanton returned to Hartford, where he married and became a successful trader. In 1649, Stanton settled a tract of land alongside the Pawcatuck River in what is present-day Stonington. In 1649 or 1650 he was given permission to establish a trading post on the river and was granted a 3 year monopoly over Indian trade in the area. The trading house was built in 1651. During this time, Stanton's family remained in Hartford or New London, joining him in Stonington in about 1657 after the trading venture had become established and a suitable house constructed.

Stanton's first house in Stonington was demolished in the 19th century and today the site is marked by a large inscribed stone. A subsequent dwelling, built beginning about 1670, is the oldest house still standing in Stonington and is now preserved as the Stanton-Davis Homestead Museum.

Stanton and his wife Anna are buried in Stonington at the Wequetequock Cemetery.

Notable descendantsEdit

Henry Brewster Stanton
Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch
Elizabeth Cady Stanton


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