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Tank Tifon-2A (Typhoon-2A) with its creator, Eng Sergio Casanave
Type Tank (MBT)
Place of origin Peru / Ukraine
Service history
In service 2010 - Present
Used by Peru (Trials/Development only to date)
Production history
Designer Eng. Sergio Casanave
Designed 2009
Manufacturer Diseños Casanave
Unit cost $2.0 M
Produced 2010-present
Number built 4
Variants 3
Weight 46 tons [1]
Length 6.45 m
Width 3.37 m
Height 2.40 m
Crew 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Armor ERA "NOZH", "DEFLEKT" [2]
Smooth-Bore 125 mm KBM-1M
(48 Caliber)
12.7×108mm remote-controlled anti-air KT-12.7 (3,000 rounds) [4]
Engine 5TDMFA 5-cylinder 1,050 hp (895 kW) [Flex-fuel]
Transmission [1] 5-speed automatic
Suspension torsion beam suspension
Speed 75 km / h [5]

The 'Typhoon 2A' is a Main Battle Tank, developed and manufactured DISCA Peruvian company and the design office Kharkiv Morozov, Typhoon Ucrania.el 2A is based on the T-54/55 sovietico.Operado by a crew of three and armed with a cannon KBM-1M 48 caliber 125 mm smooth anima gauges (chrome) using the APFSDS-T ammunition type, and HEAT-TANDEM with an effective range of more than 3,000 m, and also uses high explosive ammunition HE-FRAG, ultimately as part of their ammunition, the Anti-Tank Missile "KOMBAT" system using Tandem shaped charge (HEAT-TANDEM) with laser guidance system, achieving an effective range exceeding 5,000 m, which serves to abate ground targets and helicopters flying at low altitude. has a Fire Control System stabilized in two axes with a LIO-V ballistic computer, laser rangefinder, stabilized Marksmanship Viewers independently, with ability to shoot day or night, and Integrated Thermal Viewer "BURAN CATHERINE-E "to be used both by the gunner as the Head of Shopping with the ability to detect targets up to 12 km away, in any weather, smoke, fog, etc..

Development[edit | edit source]

In order to overcome the current technical shortcomings T-55 tank Peruvian army, was created Main Battle Tank TIFÓN2, which has been designed based on the experiences and recommendations of officers and material Armored War Army Peru , being Designed by Peruvian DICSA and manufactured at the company KMDB Ukraine, on the basis of tank T-55 AGM, counting for this with the most advanced technology, improving substantially Firepower, Mobility and protection.The TIFÓN2 account with different systems and accessories that place, able to cope with tanks Abraham generation type M-1A1, Leclerc, Challenger 2, Merkava 4, Leopard 2 A5, Leopard 2 A6, etc.Su new weapons, high mobility, new armor, fire control system and defense system, provide the TIFÓN2, adequate means to put out of action and likewise, surviving attacks by tanks modernos.en 2010 testing began Peruvian army [6]

Features[edit | edit source]

Armamen[edit | edit source]

It has a cannon KBM-1M 48 caliber 125 mm smooth anima gauges using APFSDS-T ammunition type (arrow), and HEAT-TANDEM (shaped charge) with an effective range exceeding 3,000 m; ammunition used well high explosive HE-FRAG, ultimately as part of their ammunition, the Anti-Tank Missile "KOMBAT" system using Tandem shaped charge (HEAT-TANDEM) with laser guidance system, achieving an effective range exceeding 5,000 m, the which serves to abate ground targets and helicopters flying at low altitude.

Shielding and defenses[edit | edit source]

The Typhoon 2 features Ceramic Shield "Deflek T", is composed of a series of "plates" steel material "Compound" and "polymers". T Deflek substantially reduces the initial velocity of the missile type APFSDS, and neutralizes charges HEAT type guns fired by both tanks and antitank arms Nozh Reactive armor, is composed of explosive charges, which are activated upon impact over 30 mm projectiles, neutralizing their effects penetración.El Ceramic Shield "Deflekt" and Reactive Armor "Nozh" increased overall survivability Hollow Load missile type (HEAT) rocket antitank missiles or guns and sub- calibrated (APFSDS) caliber 120 mm, in the field, it was found effective to "neutralize" the drilling of 120 mm caliber projectile type NATO APFSDS 2,000 m, as well as type-caliber 120 mm HEAT NATO to 2,000 m. Can then ensure that the capacity of ammunition piercing resistance has increased more than 5 times the smoke grenade original.Posee twelve gauge 81 mm which are located on both sides of the tower, which are actuated by the control box Linkey-SPZ system, creating a smokescreen around the tank.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

It has an engine of 1,050 HP 5TDFMA model is two stroke, turbocharged and flex-(Kerosene, oil, diesel, jet fuel or a mixture), five-cylinder boxer horizontal type, have an ejection system for the ventilation system motor, shutter system allows the tank to immerse agua.La 1.8m ventilation debajodel liquid type, closed, forced, uses the exhaust gas system of high motor.La repurification system efficiency cyclone-type air cassette provides a 99.8% efficiency. Opera for more than 500 km without cleaning the transmission box filtro.La a planetary system consisting of two plates with six changes forward and three reverse, using a mechanical-electrical-system ensures maximum speed hidráulico.Esto to greater than 78 km front / h, and most of backward 32 Km / h.The TIFÓN 2 has a new type driving system "power steering", presenting data is an indicator of changes in digital display; ignition electric system and pressure.The alternative for removing a suspension and bearing system is newly designed, using 3 rollers per side, torsion bars, and high strength springs, which allow increasing road speed up 60Km/hy greater than 78 km / h on the road, and greater than 32 km / h in reverse, also counting for this new "Neoprene Pads" to allow a better grip pavimento.Ademas, you can mount a Navigation System (GPS) model "TIUS - NM" based on GLONASS and NAVSTAR system. This system is located in the housing of the Head of Shopping, and given its location with great accuracy as well as that of other vehicles in its strength.

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