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Toyotomi Hidenaga

Toyotomi Hidenaga (豊臣 秀長?, April 8, 1540 – February 15, 1591), formerly known as Hashiba Koichirō (羽柴 小一郎?) was a half-brother of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the most powerful and significant warlords of Japan's Sengoku period. He was also known by his court title, Dainagon (大納言?). He promoted Tōdō Takatora to chief engineer. He led Hideyoshi's vanguard force a few years later into Satsuma Province, contributing heavily to his half-brother's victories in gaining control of Kyūshū. Hidenaga was awarded the provinces of Kii, Izumi and Yamato, reaching a governance of one million koku. He was regarded as Hideyoshi's brain and right-arm. He died in Kōriyama, Yamato province (now Nara Prefecture), and his tomb is called Dainagon-zuka (大納言塚?).


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