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Trafalgar 200, Penzance Union Hotel 3

The re-enactment of the announcement of the death of Nelson from the Union Hotel, Penzance.

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Admiral Sir Alan West

First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Alan West.

Trafalgar 200 was a series of events in 2005 held mostly in the United Kingdom to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, where a British fleet led by Admiral Nelson (who died in the battle) defeated a joint Franco-Spanish fleet during the Napoleonic Wars. During the summer of 2005 there was an International Fleet Review, the first since 1977. Dinners and other commemorations focussed on Trafalgar Day 21 October at HMS Victory, Trafalgar Square (T Square 200) and other locations.

International Fleet ReviewEdit

The Trafalgar 200 celebrations were perhaps most remembered for the International Fleet Review, held in the Solent in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Planning this event was an enormous task, and Admiral Sir Alan West, then First Sea Lord, is shown here with the official chart of anchorages for the International Fleet Review.

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Navy League Australia Trafalgar oak 21-10-2005

English oak planted on 21 October 2008 in Commonwealth Park, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory by the Navy League of Australia to mark the beneficial protection of the Royal Navy for the Australian colonies following Trafalgar.

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