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Division of Württemberg by the Treaty of Nürtingen

The Treaty of Nürtingen was a treaty in German history, signed on 25 January 1442. It divided the county of Württemberg between count Ludwig I and his brother count Ulrich V. The Stuttgart half went to Ulrich and included (among others) the cities of Cannstatt, Göppingen, Marbach, Neuffen, Nürtingen, Schorndorf and Waiblingen. The Urach half went to Ludwig and included (among others) the cities of Balingen, Calw, Herrenberg, Münsingen, Tuttlingen and Tübingen. It had been preceded by a division of Württemberg on different lines one year earlier for the marriage of Ulrich V to Margarethe von Cleve, intended to last four years. This division was rescinded by the Treaty of Münsingen on 14 December 1482 and reinstated by the Treaty of Esslingen in 1492.

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