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Tshumelo Ikatelaho
General Service Medal
Awarded by South African National Defence Force
Eligibility Officers and other ranks of the SANDF
Awarded for Service of one day or more directly in, or in support of, a military operation, belligerent or otherwise, in accordance with the provisions of the Defence Act, which operation in itself may not warrant the institution of a particular campaign medal, but which nevertheless is judged by the President to be of sufficient significance to justify the award of this medal.
Established 27 April 2003
Next (higher) iPhrothiya yeBhronzi
Ribbon - Tshumelo Ikatelaho
Ribbon bar of the medal

The Tshumelo Ikatelaho (General Service Medal) is a South African military medal. It was instituted with effect from 27 April 2003, and may be awarded to members of the South African National Defence Force (or any other armed forces serving with the SANDF) for service in military operations, belligerent or otherwise, for which individual campaign medals are not issued.

The medal is a silver-nickel octagon, displaying a 9-pointed star enclosed in a laurel wreath. The reverse depicts the South African coat of arms. Presumably, the star represents the nine provinces of South Africa.

The ribbon is red, with blue and white edges, and a gold - black - gold centre panel, these being five of the six colours of the national flag. A clasp is to be issued to identify each operation for which the medal is awarded. The Okhankanyiweyo emblem would be worn on the ribbon by a recipient who was mentioned in despatches during an operation for which the medal was issued.

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