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Type 60
Type Field Gun
Place of origin China
Service history
Used by  China
 Sri Lanka
Wars Sino-Vietnamese War, Vietnam War, Sino-Soviet border conflict, Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Six Days War, Sino-Indian War, Yom Kippur War, Sri Lankan civil war
Weight 5,620 kg (12,390 lbs)
Length N/A
Crew 7~9

Caliber 122 mm (4.8 in)
Breech Horizontal sliding wedge
Carriage Type 60
Elevation +45/-5 degree
Traverse +/-29 degree
Rate of fire Intense 8-10 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 885 m/s (2,907 ft/s)
Effective range 23.9km (15 mi) (indirect)
1,080 m (1,181 yds) (direct)
Maximum range 24 km (15 mi)

The Type 60 122mm towed gun is the Soviet D-74 122mm gun produced by the Chinese under licence. Developed in the late 1950s, it provided direct/indirect fire for the PLA. It remains in service with reserve units in gun battalions attached to motorized infantry and armoured divisions. It is in active service with the Sri Lankan Army, introduced in the early 1990s to replace the Ordnance QF 25 pounder field gun. It has seen action in the Sri Lankan civil war.

Wars[edit | edit source]

Operators[edit | edit source]

  •  Cambodia
  •  China - Reserve
  •  Egypt
  •  Sri Lanka
  •  Pakistan: 200 in service with the Pakistan Army.[1]
  •  Zimbabwe
  •  Sudan

References[edit | edit source]

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