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Type 95 Heavy Tank
Type 95 Heavy Tank 01.jpg
The Type 95 Heavy Tank.
Type Heavy Tank
Place of origin Japan Japan
Weight 26 t
Length 6.47 m (21.25 ft.)
Width 2.69 m (8.8 ft.)
Height 2.89 m (9.5 ft.)
Crew 5

Armor 12-30mm
1x 70mm tank gun
1x 37mm tank gun, 2x 6.5mm MG
Engine BMW IV water-cooled inline 6-cylinder gasoline
Suspension Leaf-Spring
110 km
Speed 22 km/h (13.7 mph)

The Type 95 Heavy Tank was the final version of the Japanese multi-turreted designs in commission during the time periods of World War I and World War II.[1] Modeled from Axis German and Italian tank designs, this tank featured 2 turrets, the main armament being a 70mm cannon, and its secondary turret mounting a 37mm gun and two 6.5mm machine guns.[1] Only the prototype was ever produced, in 1934.[1]

Experimental Type 91 Heavy Tank

Experimental tank No.1, 1927

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