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UAZ-452 of the Soviet Army Road Police

UAZ-452 (УАЗ-452) (nicknamed Bukhanka (Loaf (of bread)), Tabletka (Pill) or Golovastik (Tadpole)) is a family of unique off-road vans produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. In March 2011 this car has upgraded on specific models: 39625, 3962 and 2206. Added were ABS brakes, power steering, seat belts and Euro-4 engine as standard.

Design[edit | edit source]

UAZ-452 left front

UAZ-452 rear

UAZ-452 right side

Because of the external similarities with a loaf of bread, the van became known as Буханка (Bukhanka, "loaf") or Таблетка (Tabletka, "pill") in Russian. The car is produced in several modifications, with the main difference being the body type (e.g. UAZ-3741 "Bukhanka" van, and UAZ 3303 "Golovastik" ("tadpole") pickup truck). The body of the van is normally equipped with two front doors, a single-wing door on the right side and a double-wing door in the rear, although the exact configuration can vary depending on the specific modification. Notable at the van are the fuel ports on the left and the right side of the van, leading to two separate fuel tanks.[1] The engine, placed between the left hand driver and the front-seat passenger, is from the GAZ-21[citation needed].

History[edit | edit source]

The UAZ-452 is a 4×4 off-road heir to the earlier 4×2 UAZ-451. Serial production of the UAZ-452 started in 1965.[citation needed]

Models[edit | edit source]

UAZ-452 veriants:

  • UAZ-452 – van, the main modification
  • UAZ-452A – ambulance, popularly nicknamed the "таблетка" ("capsule" or "pill"). The car could seat up to 4 stretchers or 6 on the benches and one accompanying both. The nurse was not comfortable when moving as the suspension remained that of the standard model, but was the only ambulance that can reach the most remote places.[2]
    • UAZ-452AS – ambulance for Arctic areas
  • UAZ-452AE – chassis cab for installation of various equipment
  • UAZ-452V – convertible van wagon
  • UAZ-452D – a truck with double cab and wooden body
  • UAZ-452G – ambulance with different capacity from the UAZ-452A
  • UAZ-452K – experimental 16-seater three-axle bus (6×4) (1973).
  • UAZ-452P – tractor

List of current UAZ-452 models:[3]

  • UAZ-2206 – 6 to 11 seat Minibus
  • UAZ-3303 (UAZ452D) Golovastikpickup truck with a 2-person all-metal cab
  • UAZ-3741 – all-metal cargo van capable of carrying loads up to 850 kg
  • UAZ-3909 – "фермер" (farmer), Combi which carries 6 passengers and 450 kg of cargo; the rear compartment is separated from the front (driver's) row with a window).
    • UAZ-3909i – military ambulance with a red cross on the roof and the bonnet
  • UAZ-3962 – "sanitarka" ambulance, can accommodate up to 9 people, or the equivalent load.
    • UAZ-39625 – strict passenger and cargo version of the UAZ-3962
  • UAZ-39094 – crewcab pickup truck with a 10 cm metal platform with a wooden floor equipped with a removable frame tent and awning, 3 dropsides. Cargo bed replaceable by utility and special service bodies.

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