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UC1 Freya

|Ship image= |Ship caption=Launching of 'UC1 Freya, Copenhagen, 4 May 2002.

|module= Career (Denmark) Flag of Denmark.svg Name: UC1 FreyaBuilder: Peter Madsen, CopenhagenLaid down: 2001Launched: 4 May 2002In service: 2002Out of service: 2006Fate: sunk as artificial reef, August 2008 |module2= General characteristics Displacement: 3 tonsLength: 7 m (23 ft 0 in)Propulsion: electric Freya or UC1 Freya was the first privately built Danish submarine. It was built by Peter Madsen in 2001-2002, as a demonstrator to try submarine technology. Having made over 500 dives, it was decommissioned, as it was not designed for a long service life. She was decommissioned in 2006 after UC2 Kraka had been worked up. She then docked and allowed to decay. Final decontamination was done, and she was towed out to sea by UC3 Nautilus, in August 2008, and sunk as an artificial reef near Copenhagen.[1] [2]

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