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USCGC Champlain (1929)
File:USCGC Champlain.png
USCGC Champlain on the International Ice Patrol, circa mid-1930s.
Career (United States)
Name: USCGC Champlain (1929)
Namesake: Lake Champlain
Builder: Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation
Laid down: 23 May 1928
Launched: 11 October 1928
Commissioned: 24 January 1929
Decommissioned: 12 May 1941
Fate: Transferred to Royal Navy
Career (United Kingdom)
Name: HMS Culver (Y 87)
Commissioned: 12 May 1941
Fate: Returned to USCG
27 March 1946
Career (United States)
Name: USCGC Champlain (WPG-319.)
Fate: Sold to Hughes Brothers, Inc.
25 March 1948
General characteristics
Class & type:
Displacement: 2,075 long tons (2,108 t)
Length: 250 ft (76 m)
Beam: 42 ft (13 m)
Draft: 12 ft 11 in (3.94 m)
Propulsion: 1 × General Electric turbine-driven 3,350 shp (2,500 kW) electric motor, 2 boilers
Speed: 14.8 kn (27.4 km/h; 17.0 mph) cruising
17.5 kn (32.4 km/h; 20.1 mph) maximum
Complement: 97

The USCGC Champlain (1929) was a Lake-class cutter belonging to the United States Coast Guard launched on 20 Jun 1928 and commissioned on 23 Mar 1929.[1] After 12 years of service to the Coast Guard, she was transferred to the British Royal Navy as part of the Lend-Lease Act.

Career[edit | edit source]

US Coast Guard - Champlain[edit | edit source]

After commissioning in January 1929, the Champlain was homeported in Stapleton, New York.[2]

Royal Navy - Sennen[edit | edit source]

As part of the Lend-Lease Act she was transferred to the Royal Navy where she was renamed the HMS Sennen (Y 21) and commissioned on 12 May 1941.[3] On 19 May 1943, the Sennen assisted HMS Jed (K 235) in the sinking of U-954 via depth charge. At the end of the war, in March 1946, she was returned to the USCG.[3]

US Coast Guard - Champlain (post war)[edit | edit source]

Upon her return to the USCG, her original name was restored and she was given the hull number and designation WPG-319. She was then placed into reserve status until March 1948 when she was sold to Hughes Brothers, Inc. of New York.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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