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USCGC Sapelo (WPB-1314)
USCGC Sapelo moored next to a cruise liner in San Juan
USCGC Sapelo moored next to a cruise liner in San Juan.
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Name: Sapelo
Namesake: Sapelo Island, Georgia, U.S.
Builder: Bollinger Shipyard
Cost: Approx. $7 Million
Homeport: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Homer, Alaska
Status: Active in service
General characteristics
Class & type: Island-class patrol boat
Displacement: 164 tons
Length: 110 ft (34 m)
Beam: 21 ft (6.4 m)
Draft: 6.5 ft (2.0 m)
Propulsion: Twin Paxman Valenta 16-CM RP-200M
Speed: 30+ knots
Range: 9,900 miles
Endurance: 6 days
Boats & landing
craft carried:
1 - RHI (90 HP outboard engine)
Complement: 18 personnel (3 officers, 15 enlisted)
Armament: 25 mm Mk 38 machine gun
5 x .50 caliber machine guns
1 x MK 19 40MM Grenade Launcher Various Small Arms

The USCGC Sapelo (WPB-1314) is an Island class cutter, operated by the United States Coast Guard.[1] In 2013, unlike other Island class cutters, she was not commanded by a commissioned officer, she was commanded by a Chief Warrant Officer.

In 2013 the Sapelo seized a shipment of 1.3 tons of cocaine, estimated to be worth $34 million United States dollars.[2]

In June 2015, the Homer News reported that a sister ship of the Sapelo, the Roanoke Island, stationed in Homer, Alaska, was being retired.[3] They reported that, since the Sapelo had been replaced by a new Sentinel class cutter, she would be brought to Homer to replace the Roanoke. The previous crew of the Roanoke would take over the Sapelo.


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