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USRC Miami (1862)
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Operator: Revenue Marine
Commissioned: 28 January 1862
Decommissioned: 1871
Fate: Sold to Mason, Hobbs & Co.; Philadelphia
Notes: Former British yacht, Lady Le Marchand
General characteristics
Type: Schooner
Displacement: 213 tons
Length: 115'
Propulsion: 2-cylinder steam engine, 1 screw
Complement: unknown
Armament: 1 x 24 pounder; 1 x 12 pounder

The USRC Miami was purchased by the Revenue Cutter Service from Arthur Leary for $25,000 and was formerly the Lady Le Marchand, a 115 foot schooner-rigged steamer with a hull of teak planks over oak frames. After outfitting she was stationed briefly in Washington, D.C. In April, 1862 she transported President Abraham Lincoln and others to Hampton Roads, Virginia soon after the Battle of Hampton Roads between the ironclads CSS Virginia (ex-USS Merrimac) and the USS Monitor. After a transfer to New York City, she was tasked with escorting the captured Confederate steamer CSS Chesapeake from Halifax, Nova Scotia to New York City. The Miami underwent repairs at Newport, Rhode Island after being transferred there in November, 1864. Additional repairs were done during 1867 at Staten Island and then she saw service out of Wilmington, Delaware until being sold for $2149 in 1871.


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