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USS Asheville (SSN-758)
USS Asheville (SSN-758)
USS Asheville (SSN-758)
Career (US)
Name: USS Asheville (SSN-758)
Namesake: Asheville, North Carolina
Awarded: 26 November 1984
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
Laid down: 9 January 1987
Launched: 24 February 1990
Commissioned: 28 September 1991
Homeport: Naval Base Point Loma
Nickname: The Ghost of the Coast[1]
Status: in active service, as of 2020
Badge: USS Asheville SSN-758 Crest.png
General characteristics
Class & type: Los Angeles-class submarine
Displacement: 6000 tons light, 6927 tons full, 927 tons dead
Length: 362 ft (110 m)
Beam: 33 ft (10 m)
Draft: 31 ft (9.4 m)
Propulsion: one S6G reactor

Surfaced:20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h)

Submerged: +20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h) (official)
Complement: 20 officers, 110 men
Sensors and
processing systems:
BQQ-5 passive SONAR, BQS-15 detecting and ranging SONAR, WLR-8 fire control RADAR receiver, WLR-9 acoustic receiver for detection of active search SONAR and acoustic homing torpedoes, BRD-7 radio direction finder[2]
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
WLR-10 contermeasures set[2]
Armament: 4 × 21 in (533 mm) bow tubes, 10 Mk48 ADCAP torpedo reloads, Tomahawk land attack missile block 3 SLCM range 1,700 nautical miles (3,100 km), Harpoon anti–surface ship missile range 70 nautical miles (130 km), mine laying Mk67 mobile Mk60 captor mines

USS Asheville (SSN-758), is a Los Angeles-class submarine. She is the fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named for Asheville, North Carolina. The contract to build her was awarded to Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company in Newport News, Virginia on 26 November 1984 and her keel was laid down on 9 January 1987. She was launched on 24 February 1990, sponsored by Mrs. Dorothy Helms, and commissioned on 28 September 1991, with Commander Patrick Casey in command.

Asheville was fitted with a developmental Advanced Mine Detection System (AMDS) high-frequency active sonar array with transmitters and receivers in the sail and in a disc-shaped chin sonar dome beneath the hull at the bow. The system is used for target detection, mine avoidance, and bottom navigation. After a highly successful testing period the system was removed during overhaul in 2003.[3]

Asheville is home ported in San Diego, CA where she is assigned to Submarine Squadron 11.[4] She is currently commanded by CDR Douglas Bradley. The Chief of the Boat is FTCS(SS) Roger "Bo" Skeens.

Ship's history[edit | edit source]

In December 1996, Asheville served as a trials platform for the Northrop Grumman Sea Ferret reconnaissance drone.[5][6] After Asheville simulated an underwater launch, a Cessna 206 test aircraft flew over the area of operations with the Sea Ferret attached to its underside. Technicians aboard Asheville transmitted commands to the Sea Ferret, which were received and responded to by the Cessna pilot. Control of the drone was then passed back and forth among the Asheville team, USMC First Force RECON,[7] and an United States Army Aviation team, all three teams continuing to receive a