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USS Glide (1863)
USS Glide i02732
USS Glide in 1864
Career Flag of the United States (1865–1867).svg
Launched: 1863
Acquired: 1863
Commissioned: November 1863
Decommissioned: August 1865
Fate: sunk, January 1869
General characteristics
Displacement: 232 tons
Length: 160 ft (49 m)
Propulsion: Steam
Armament: 6 guns

The second USS Glide was a sternwheel tinclad gunboat in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.

Originally built in Murraysville, Virginia in 1863, was purchased by the Navy the same year. She was converted to a "tinclad" gunboat No. 43 USS Glide. From early 1864 until the end of the war she was assigned to blockading duties in Berwick Bay, Louisiana. She was decommissioned and sold in August 1865, then she served in commercial service as Glide. She was destroyed by a boiler explosion in January 1869.


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