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USS Mercury may refer to:

  • USS Mercury (1776), was a ketch authorized by the Continental Congress in 1776 and captured off the Newfoundland Banks by the Royal Navy 10 September 1780
  • USS Mercury (1781), was a schooner built in 1781 and served the Continental Navy as a packet, but facts of her service are unknown
  • USS Mercury (1807), was a revenue cutter launched 6 April 1807 and served the Revenue Cutter Service until 1820
  • USS Mercury (ID-3012), was the German SS Barbarossa seized by the US Navy and used to ferry troops during World War I
  • USS Mercury (AK-42), was acquired by the US Navy 20 June 1941 and decommissioned 28 May 1959
  • USNS Mercury (T-AGM-21) was a missile range instrumentation ship acquired by MSTS in 1965.

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