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{{Infobox ship |Ship image=NH 85162 Cropped.png |Ship caption=USS PCS-1425 in San Francisco Bay, California, c. 1945-46[1]

|module= Career (United States Navy) Name: USS PC-1425Builder: Hiltebrant Dry Dock Co., Kingston, New YorkLaid down: 22 January 1943Renamed: USS PCS-1425, April 1943Reclassified: Patrol craft sweeper (PCS), April 1943 |module2=Launched: 20 July 1943Commissioned: 4 February 1944Fate: Transferred to War Shipping Administration January 1947 USS PCS-1425 was a United States Navy minesweeper and patrol ship in service during World War II.[1] Her keel was laid in 1943 as PC-1425, before being reclassified three months later as a "patrol craft sweeper" (PCS). After the war, the ship served as a test platform for the development of naval radios, being the first ship to demonstrate the use of an automatically aligning UHF directional antenna.[2] In 1950, she was leased to the Puget Sound Naval Academy for use as a training ship.[3]

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