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USS Rhode Island may refer to:

  • USS Rhode Island (1861) was a wooden sidewheel steamer previously named John P. King and Eagle, and later renamed Charleston that saw action in the Civil War.
  • USS Rhode Island (BB-17), a Virginia-class battleship, sailed on the first leg of the Great White Fleet's voyage, and provided anti-submarine services during World War I.
  • USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740), is an Ohio class submarine launched in 1993
  • USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701), United Federation of Planets Nova-class science ship from Star Trek: Voyager episode "Endgame"
  • SS Rhode Island was a 6096 ton Freighter built in Bath Maine in 1917. This ship was renamed a number of times due to ownership changes. Names include SS Woonsocket, SS Makiki during WWII serving convoy duty to England, and finally Rio charres in 1952 in Panama. The ship was finally scrapped in Japan in 1954.

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