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USS Scourge (1804)
Career (USA) Flag of the United States (1795-1818).svg
Acquired: 21 March 1804
Out of service: 1812
Fate: Sold
General characteristics
Type: Brig
Complement: 36
Armament: 16 x 6 pounders

USS Scourge was the former British privateer, Transfer, which had been sold to Tripoli at Malta. As a Tripolitan ship, she had been used in blockade running during the Barbary Wars of North Africa. She was captured off Tripoli, on 21 March 1804 by Syren, commanded by Lieutenant Charles Stewart. When captured, she had a crew of 80 men and mounted 10 guns.

Commodore Edward Preble renamed the ship Scourge and outfitted her with 16 six-pounder guns. On 17 April 1804, she joined Preble's squadron and participated in the blockade of Tripoli and also in the attacks on Tripoli. She was commanded by . John H. Dent, John Rowe, and Ralph Izard. On 30 November 1804, Scourge, under the command of Lieutenant Izard, sailed for the United States where she saw coastal service. In 1812, she was declared unfit for service and sold at auction in Norfolk, Virginia.

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